You're the Maid of Honour… Now What?


If you have been asked to be the Maid of Honour, you should be very flattered. It means you are very dear to the bride, and she trusts you with a huge responsibility. Maybe you have attended dozens of weddings as a guest, but you still don't have any idea how many details are involved in being the bride's Second-in-Command. Even when this honour has previously been bestowed upon you, it helps to have a refresher so you don't miss an important step.


Blog Post - You're the Maid of Honour… Now What?

Maid of Honour Responsibilities

Every bride has her own unique vision for her special day, but there are a few responsibilities that are universally agreed to belong to the Maid of Honour:

1. Keep the Bridesmaids Organized. The Maid of Honour is the point person to ensure the bridesmaids are where they're supposed to be, when they're supposed to be there. From dress fittings to hair appointments and pre-wedding festivities, you're the one who directs the bridesmaids and sticks to the schedule.

2. Help the Bride During the Ceremony and Reception. You'll want to understand how the bride's dress works because you will be helping her with it for most of the wedding day. Including trips to the ladies' room. There's a reason the bride chooses a close friend for this job!

3. Help the Bride with Wedding Details. If requested, the Maid of Honour helps the bride choose the finer event planning details for the wedding and reception. This can include helping with invitations, colours and helping to pick the food and wine for the reception. With the fine catering choices to be had in Toronto, this is easily the best part!

4. Keep a Running Gift List. The bride has a lot of things to do, including writing thank you notes when the honeymoon is over. It's up to you to make sure she has a list of who gave what, and when, so she can write a thoughtful note.

5. Host the Bridal Shower and/or Bachelorette Party. Next to the actual wedding day, this is the most visible event for the Maid of Honour. Even a small, intimate affair must be flawless. People will talk about this nearly as much as they talk about the wedding! 

Though it's not on the "official" checklist, one of the most important things the Maid of Honour does is listening to the bride. Whether she's feeling overwhelmed by all the planning or plotting a terrible fate for her Mother-in-Law to-be, lending her a sympathetic ear will help.

If the bride is working with a wedding planner, you may be able to approach them for some direction on your role and responsibilities. However, if she's not, you may want to consider consulting with a local event planning company in Toronto, especially for the high profile bridal shower and bachelorette party. You're obviously special to the bride, and ensuring events in her honour are impeccable will show that she's special to you too.