Take it Outside!


The eternal winter is finally over!

Okay, it's mostly over, and even though some of us were wearing parkas a few days ago, we can pretend that didn't happen. 

The end of winter means the time is right to make plans for warmer weather outdoor events.

We have so many great indoor spaces to choose from when planning events, it’s easy to forget that there are many great outdoor event venues in Toronto too.

Take it Outside

Outdoor Event Venues in Toronto

As you know, we’re an event management company and we know a thing or two about the best event venues to choose from.

Here are a few of our favourite places to help clients host outdoor events.

Evergreen Brick Works

With spectacular outdoor facilities nestled in the cool stillness of the Don Valley, it’s easy to forget you’re in the middle of the city. While nobody likes to think about the chance of rain in the summertime, the Evergreen Brick Works also has a number of excellent indoor spaces, just in case you need to take things inside when the weather turns against you.

Toronto Islands

Way at the bottom of the city, ferries quietly chug the day away, bringing people to and from the Toronto Islands. Most adults vaguely remember a trip to Centreville as a child, but otherwise it’s easy to forget the islands exist. Yes, the ferries add time to reach the destination, but to experience the feeling of leaving the city without leaving the city, it’s well worth the extra commute.

Distillery District

The once derelict section of eastern downtown has been revitalized as a hub of art, design and culture. While the space can technically be viewed as an indoor venue, the charm is almost too much to resist. Cocktails in an art gallery, a cozy theatre production and an outdoor activity – it’s possible to do all of the above at once in the Distillery District!

Edwards Gardens

The Don Valley has given us a parkway to while away more hours than we care to think about sitting in grid lock. But, it has also given us an urban oasis full of lush greenery and tranquility. Owned and operated by the City of Toronto, Edwards Gardens is a former private estate that’s hidden in the Don Valley and features some of the most stunning outdoor visuals the city has to offer. If you’re hoping to book this venue for an outdoor event, you might want to make sure you do it in a hurry—their calendar fills up quickly.

Additional Considerations

Those who live in Toronto often bristle at the prospect of something that’s a long drive away. Large swaths of people who live in the city get around by bike or by public transit, so when picking your perfect outdoor event location, be sure to be considerate of those who don’t need or want a car. Make sure it’s transit accessible, has shuttles to the closest subway station or make sure to have plenty of taxi chits on hand!

There are lots of reasons we’re in the event-planning business in Toronto, but the biggest one is that we love this city.

If you don’t see your favourite outdoor event venue in Toronto here, be sure to contact us so we can add it to the list!