Make Sure Your Event Leaves a Lasting Impression


Having a memorable entrance at your event is a no-brainer and first impressions are a great way to let your guests know that they're in for something special. But what happens after the party is over?Make Sure Your Event Leaves a Lasting Impression

To get the most out of your event spend, it's important to make sure your event is one that is remembered. Here are a few simple ways to leave a lasting impression with event attendees.

Make Sure the Venue is the Right Fit

If your venue is too big, it looks like you threw a party and nobody showed up. If it's too small, people have a hard time making their way to the food stations and finding a place to put their drinks. With the number of event spaces available in Toronto, there's no reason not to keep looking until you find one that's just the right size for your audience.

When it comes to attending events, life happens, so anticipate an average no-show rate of about 10 percent when booking your event venue.

Have Thoughtful Little Touches

Have you ever been at an important event and noticed the red light of the low battery indicator on your phone? It's terrifying! That's why little touches like a device charging station, complete with a few of the most common device chargers, can mean a lot to your guests. It doesn't have to be a charging station, of course, just make sure it's something that shows your guests you're thinking of their comfort and their needs.

Remember to Send Post-Event Communications

Think about the last time you received a personalized thank-you note and how it made you feel. A simple note thanking guests for their attendance is fine, but even better is one that has a link to a gallery of photos of highlights of the event. Something tangible, like a copy of a guest speaker's latest book is also a nice touch. It doesn't really matter how you reach out to your guests after the event, it only matters that you do. 

Choose the Right Gift

Lots of companies hand out giveaways and swag bags at the end of an event, but few actually do it right. Professional event planners spend almost as much time picking the perfect gift as they do picking the perfect venue. Go beyond the boring stuff that every other company is handing out to make your event giveaway something truly memorable.

Events are big-ticket items in any company's budget, and there are a lot of steps to getting them just right. Toronto is a big city full of busy people with sophisticated tastes. You can't afford to invite guests of this calibre to an event that they will forget about in a week or two.

The easiest way to make sure your event leaves a lasting impression is to work with a professional event planning company. Save yourself the stress and pressure by hiring a planner for your next event!