Make Company Events Feel Less Corporate


There are a lot reasons to host corporate events, but they all come down to making personal connections. Whether it's an internal company event for your staff, or an event your company hosts for customers and business partners, the ultimate goal is to come away with stronger relationships.

Blog Post - Make Company Events Feel Less Corporate

Most companies understand why it's important to host events and have made great efforts to make these functions feel inclusive. And yet, when you scan the room at some corporate events, many of the attendees look like they would rather be somewhere – ANYWHERE - else.

When you're asked to put on your corporate event planning hat for your company's next function, we have a few suggestions to help the event feel less corporate.


Leave the Building

Sometimes budget considerations make an offsite event impractical, but whenever possible, events should be taken away from the workplace. It's hard to get away from work when you're physically at work, and the break room where someone just finished eating lunch doesn't exactly have a "wow" factor.

Toronto workplaces are full of people who commute from far away. If you are going away from the office, try to stay relatively nearby so attendees who rely on regional transit aren't taken too far from their usual route home.

If an offsite event is too much of a stretch, be sure to bring in different décor so the event space doesn't look exactly the same as it always does.


Ditch the Podium

A podium usually means long-winded speeches. Speeches are boring, and nobody enjoys standing around being talked at for any length of time. Of course your company CEO may want to say a few words to welcome guests, and you couldn't stop him or her if you tried, but without a podium to hold notes and a water bottle it's instantly a much less formal occasion. 

If there is major news to be shared, it can be done in a brief announcement at the event with a lengthier update to follow by email a little while later.


Don't be Afraid to be Ridiculous

One of the best things about company events is the opportunity see people step outside of their usual roles. Do you know if your CFO is a rock star at Rock Band? There's only one way to find out! High-quality entertainment at events helps to level the playing field, and reminds executives, employees, customers and stakeholders alike that we're only human after all.

When the overwhelming response to an invitation for a company event is a groan and an eye roll, it's time to make some changes. Another boring event isn't going to do much to boost morale or build relationships. Everybody is tired of making small talk at the dinner table with people they don't really know outside of the professional setting. Bringing a little creativity to your corporate event planning can help achieve your business goals, without any eye rolling in sight!