Entertainment for Internal Company Events


Internal company events are tricky. While some employees love to socialize with their colleagues and view a company event as a fun occasion, others view work as the place they go to every day because they otherwise don't get paid, and they'd rather not spend any extra time with coworkers. Neither view is wrong; it's just a normal difference between people from various backgrounds that every company has to manage. Entertainment for Internal Company Events

Company events are an important part of building an inclusive culture and they can both improve morale and help teams work better together.

So how do you please the social butterflies without annoying the introverts any more than necessary? The easiest method is by arranging entertainment for the event.

The Case for Entertaining Company Events

In many companies, the budget for internal events is smaller than the one for external events because there are no clients to impress and no easy way to define a clear path between events for employees and a positive contribution to the bottom line. However, a warm company culture constantly comes up in the write-ups for the best companies to work for in Toronto.

Companies that draw top talent do so by making work feel less like work, and they certainly don't accomplish that by forcing people to talk about the weather in small groups. Companies with high employee morale enjoy higher productivity, and engaging company events are one of many ways to boost employee morale.

Inexpensive Entertainment Ideas

One of the reasons senior executives balk at the suggestion to arrange entertainment for an internal event is the perception that it is too expensive. While it's true that entertainment can be expensive, it doesn't have to be.
Instead of hiring a band, why not see who can really rock by hosting a Battle of the Bands? If your CEO is a good sport and a lousy singer, try renting a Karaoke machine to showcase their abundance of company spirit.

When it comes to budget entertainment for an internal event, it doesn't have to match the glitz of a party to entertain clients. Be creative, think small and have fun.

Work with Event Planning Professionals

Every company wants to keep an eye on costs when hosting events. It can be a tough sell to add a line for professional event management to the budget, especially for a function for employees only. But working with an event planning company in Toronto can actually help save money. Even without the ability to negotiate better deals with vendors because of their longstanding relationships, professional event planners do this all day, every day. We can come up with creative solutions that will wow everybody in the room, including the ones who issue the cheques.

At the end of the event, employees should come away feeling like your company is a great place to work, and that they work with a bunch of great people. An engaging employee event can go a long way to foster that feeling.