4 Tips for Perfect Event Giveaways


Every year, major Hollywood stars get decked out in their finery to attend the Academy Awards. Those up for an Oscar swear that it's an honour just to be nominated while gritting their teeth when someone else wins, and everybody walks away with a swag bag that is the envy of the internet. It makes spending an entire day in clothes that require strategically-placed toupee tape worthwhile for the attendees. And while the awards get full press coverage, those swag bags are often talked about for weeks on end if the prizes are swanky enough. It's a common fact—partygoers love goodies.4 Tips for Perfect Event Giveaways

Though it's admittedly on a smaller scale than the Oscars, your tradeshow or corporate event in Toronto shouldn't be any different. If you're offering a gift at all, make sure your contribution to the swag bag is one that makes attendees glad they chose to come to your function. 

Professional event planners spend almost as much time picking the giveaways for an event as they do picking the venue. Here are some of our best tips to make sure your gift is a good one. 

Make it Useful

People use things like lip balm, sunscreen and phone chargers all the time. You know what they don't use? Cheap pens and mouse pads. It's like "1995 called, and it wants its gift ideas back!" The more useful your well-branded gift is, the longer you will be on the minds of those who attended your event. It's a fantastic and often inexpensive way to remind people that your company offers practical solutions to everyday problems. 

Consider Travel Restrictions

If people are coming from out of town, there's a good chance they tried to save time at the airport by only packing a carry-on bag. A big item will get left behind in the hotel room if it takes up too much space, and gifts that violate CATSA guidelines for carry-on luggage will be confiscated at the airport. If you want your gift to make it onto the return flight with the attendee, make sure it's airline friendly.

Appeal to Both Genders

Nothing makes a petite woman attending a conference feel the love quite like receiving a men's XL t-shirt to thank her for her time. Clothes are always a risky item as a giveaway because offering the wrong size to the wrong person can cause great offence. Unless your event is small enough to gather sizing information in advance and order based on that information, try to come up with an idea that's a little less likely to garner ambivalent reactions.

Think About Branding

Think about the last time you opened package of... anything, really. You may have been interested in the contents, but what did you do with the wrapper? You probably just threw it away. This serves as a great reminder that a useful giveaway is great, but if the only place your logo appears is on the wrapping, you're missing a huge opportunity to remind attendees of your company long after the event is over. Skip branding on the packaging, go for logos on the actual items instead. 

When you're planning an event in Toronto or even setting up a booth at a tradeshow, there's a lot to think about. An event planning company has the experience and connections to side-step a lot of the landmines that come with working with different venues. Consider working with one for your next event!